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Give the gift of laughter!

A great gift for every senior in your circle of family and friends! A Monday morning chuckle that keeps on coming, week after week for as long as you like. 

This year, we're offering a FREE full year's subscription to The Byrds to everyone who buys a copy of The Byrds Book!


Ben & Buffy Byrd are a senior semi-retired couple (snow birds), living in the sunny South and enjoying every moment that life in the Golden Age has to offer.

Senior activities, family relations, friends, beautiful weather and, of course, the pleasure of simply growing old together.

You are invited to get on board this weekly comic strip series and enjoy a Monday morning smile to start your week, every week, with a happy and humorous note.

You'll also have access to my blog and comment section. We can meet and have some fun with that as well. We'll be talking about the art community, some insights into drawing cartoon illustrations and

commercial comics for more than fifty years.


WOW! How time does fly! Plus, of course, senior-related issues and other topics that may be of interest to my readers.

OH! And, if I hear a good joke that I think is funny, I'll probably throw that in the blog as well.


A great gift

idea for all the seniors in your circle of family and friends.

So, c'mon, sign up and let's have some fun together!

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Give the gift of laughter!

160 Pages of rhyming cartoon fun for seniors!

160 Pages of rhyming cartoon fun for seniors!

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